Wall Art Printables ~ BellaArt Creatives / Kim McDougal, Designer

New Collection ~ Wall Art Printables

I’ve dabbled in so many different artforms throughout my career and wall art has always fascinated me even before there was ever an Etsy or selling digital products!

I opened my first Etsy Shop for wall art printables a few years back and quickly moved over to my own site which at the time was called Kim’s Studio Art. I worked my tail off creating pieces for sale, however they were illustrations I bought online then changed them significantly before listing them. I would sometimes work hours on just 1 piece! But, I never felt 100% comfortable selling these pieces even though I knew the work I put in. That is because there’s a fine line with copyright. And in the back of mind, I kept asking myself, “have I altered this design enough that it doesn’t look the original image I bought?”

I had commercial licenses, but altering illustrations is subjective and if the originating artist doesn’t think the designer has made enough alternations to their artwork, they can come after that designer. What I don’t want is legal troubles! So, I closed my shop, took down all the art and haven’t done anything since. I focused on making my earrings.

The wall art bug hit me again as my hubby and I are trying desperately to afford to buy our 1st and forever home and we need to increase our income. Everything is so expensive! So, I thought again about my wall art printables. I love the idea of an instant download because there’s no shipping, no making, no physical products leaving my craft room. I again went back to Etsy, rebranded my shop, “BellaArt Creatives“! I had no reason for choosing that name other than the fact that I like the name “Bella”!

Wall Art Printables ~ BellaArt Creatives / Kim McDougal, Designer

However, I ran into another snag and that is, Etsy is packed, jam-packed with creators selling wall art printables and the more I researched it, the less I wanted to compete in that platform again plus, this isn’t my full time business. I decided to add the few pieces I have here along with a few of new pieces I created this weekend. I don’t have to deal with listing fees and I’m not under the pressure to add more art all the time.

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My eCommerce platform (Ecwid) allows for digital downloads, but this time it’s different. Mind you, I’m not abandoning my faux leather earrings, I’m more committed to them than ever. The art is just another way that I can make some passive income and my listings have unlimited quantities so they will stay in my shop forever. But, this time, the pieces I have up are all MY OWN. I created them and I feel so much better about selling them!

There’s a total of 6 pieces and it’ll be that way for quite awhile, because again my faux leather earrings are my primary focus. These art pieces are perfect for hanging, but can also be used for craft projects like gift tags or greeting cards. Each piece is 300 DPI and can be printed from 8″ x 10″ up to 16″ x 20″ size. Below are the pics of each piece! Click on an image for a larger view!

The prints are under 2 subcategories: Nature and Boho. I love both of these color palettes plus I adore trees and nature in general! Hope you’ll take a look at these prints and remember… they are INSTANT DOWNLOADS! Once you purchase, you’ll receive an email with links to download your files 🙂 Happy Shopping!