Kim's Earrings - 2023 Valentine's Day Collection

New Collection ~ The Love Collection

Time for LOVE! I adore hearts and love the red/pink colors of Valentine’s day. Pink (pale pink) is my favorite color! As you know, I’m a neutrals person so when I use color, I’m drawn to use it as accents and so I bought some really cute heart charms from Amazon, they come in red, black and white. Some were filled in with color and others have the color for the border of the heart charms. They are so cute and small so that they don’t weigh down the earrings.

Now, for the most part, I stuck a heart in just about every pair of earrings in this collection like cut outs or layers and of course with the charms. However, there’s a couple of pairs that don’t have hearts at all, just the the color or pattern of the faux leather!

Also, I got some new faux leather in! Gold and Rose Gold foil! I love how this leather cuts and it gives such a bling to the earrings!

These are so pretty and great to wear for Valentine’s Day but I think they work for all year round and after the Love Month sale ends, I’ll rename this collection to “Love”. Shop these beauties today!

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