My Favorite Earrings-Making Tools

My Favorite Earrings Making Tools

Making earrings has become so rewarding and best part is most of the tools I own and use for cardmaking translated over nicely to handmade earrings! In this post, I’m sharing a few of my favs + a new baby I recently added that I’m stoked about!

My Fav Die Cutting Machines

First up is my new baby! The Crossover II Fabric Die cutting machine by CraftersEdge!

This is a workhorse machine! I was using other diecutting machines which I’ve listed below this one and they work nicely too, however the Crossover II is primarily made for fabric. It cuts faux leather, real leather, felt and so much more. It has a dial setting to allow me to set the amount of pressure I need to cut through my faux leather.

And you think all faux leather has the same texture but not so. I have leathers that I have to adjust the setting on the Crossover II to 5, 6 or sometimes even 7. The lower the number, the more pressure the machine adds to cut through the fabric.

There’s many things I love about this machine but the one thing that stands out over the other diecutting machines out there is the clean cut it makes on my faux leather. Sometimes I would get straggly edges that I would have to cut off with my scissors, not so with the Crossover II.

The sandwich used is very easy, it comes with the platform, metal plate and a top cutting plate. All of these are heavyweight and I haven’t experienced warping except a little on the metal plate. What I do to prolong that, is I turned it around each time I cut through it, much like you would do with regular cutting plates on paper when die cutting.

It comes with a manual with great instructions and also some dies to get started. It folds up when not in use AND it can cut a full sheet at 8-1/2″ x 11″! I have dies that are long that I can’t cut through my Platinum 6 with 1 pass. But, I can with the Crossover and in fact, it has completely increased my productivity. I can take 1 sheet of faux leather and place a bunch of earring dies on it, die cut them out and have enough for 10 pairs of earrings all in 1 pass through the machine! NOW, that’s what I’m talkin’ about! The Crossover II is an investment coming in at $249.99 at the time of this post, but if you are a maker with a shop like me, you need this machine! By the way, it cuts cardstock too!

Where to Purchase:

Crafter’s Edge

More Fav Die Cutting Machines

Spellbinders Platinum 6

Another favorite manual die cutting machine that is great for cardstock. It die cuts nicely and embosses too. It’s the companion to the hot glimmer foil system. The machine comes with a pair of clear cutting plates, standard platform, embossing plate and embossing mat. I was using this for some of my faux leather die cutting until I switched to the Crossover II.

Where to Purchase:

Where to Purchase:

Sizzix Sidekick

This little baby may be small but packs a big punch! I LOVE it for die cutting small dies and because it’s small, it doesn’t hurt my hands to use + it can sit on my craft table as it doesn’t take up much space. It’s a great travel companion as well and it cuts so well.

It comes with 2 cutting plates, embossing pad, embossing folders, and some dies to get started!

I sometimes will break this out for faux leather if I’m lazy and don’t feel like breaking out my Crossover II machine. Nevertheless, it will cut the fabric and also felt!

My Fav Faux Leather Sheets

Here’s some of the sources where I buy my faux leather:

  • Taylored Expressions
  • Amazon – these sheets are so soft and comes in a bunch of colors! I also purchase cork faux leather which is more of a heavier material here.

My Fav Charms

Charms adds a wonderful touch to the earrings and I love having both silver and gold! Here’s a couple of places I buy from:

  • Taylored Expressions – filigree leaves are available at the time of this posting
  • Amazon – this is a pack of gold and silver leaves (different designs)
  • Amazon – 184 leaf charms in gold and silver and in various sizes


Art Glitter Glue with Precision Applicator

I use several adhesives for my paper crafting projects and I experimented with them for faux leather. There’s times when I double up the fabric to give it more weight or when I really want a design to show on the back when wearing the earrings. To do this, I need a strong liquid adhesive and after trying out a bunch, I like the Art Glitter glue. The name might sound misleading, because there is no glitter and it dries clear. It works perfectly on fabric!

Where to Purchase: