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Spring/Summer 2023 Collection


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New Arrivals! “Pinch-Me” Faux Leather Earrings
Pinch Me Latest Arrivals - Kim's Earrings
Kim's Earrings

handmade faux
leather earrings

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Thin Teardops


Handmade Thin Teardrop Faux Leather Earrings
New shapes have arrived to the Shop! Faux leather makes a terrific fabric to make earrings from. It’s flexible, lightweight and comes in so many colors and patterns!
Handmade Thin Teardrop Faux Leather Earrings ~ Kim's Earrings
Circle & Diamonds


Handmade Black Circle & Diamond Faux Leather Earrings
Get ready to dress up that little black dress in your closet with these beautiful earrings! This set die cut into circles and diamonds paired with black/bold heart charms will surely make a statement!
Handmade Black Circle & Diamond Faux Leather Earrings
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Free Shipping on $40

handmade faux
leather earrings

FREE Shipping
Spend $40 or more!
Kim's Earrings Introduction

At Kim's Earrings → New earrings are added regularly! Orders are normally shipped within 1 business day. Let me know if you have any questions!


Why I Love “Pinch-effect” Earrings

By Kim McDougal / December 8, 2022
If you like this "pinching effect" on our faux leather earrings, you'll love this sale going on right now! Why is this collection called "Pinch-effect"? That's because when the faux leather is diecut into a leaf shape, there's two holes...
Spring/Summer 2023 Collection ~ Kim's Earrings

Introducing our Spring/Summer 2023 Catalog

By Kim McDougal / March 28, 2023
It's amazing that we're already into to Springtime, even though you wouldn't think so on the Pacific Northwest! We're having some really funky weather lately, snow mixed with rain, lots of rain and windy conditions. If you're like me, I...
Layers Neutrals Collection ~ Kim's Earrings

New Collection ~ Layered Neutrals

By Kim McDougal / February 1, 2023
I'm a neutrals kinda gal and you can definitely see that if you saw my closet! Color is a problem for me as far as fashion goes but I love it in the earrings I make. With this collection, however,...
Current Sales - Kim's Earrings

Current Sales Page Explanation

By Kim McDougal / December 13, 2022
There's many goals I have for my earrings business, but just 2 important missions: (1) to provide excellence customer service and (2) make my earring collections beautiful and affordable. This is very important to me. With the increase of many...
Kim's Earrings - 2023 Valentine's Day Collection

New Collection ~ The Love Collection

By Kim McDougal / February 6, 2023
Time for LOVE! I adore hearts and love the red/pink colors of Valentine's day. Pink (pale pink) is my favorite color! As you know, I'm a neutrals person so when I use color, I'm drawn to use it as accents...
Black & White Elegance Collection - Kim's Earrings

Announcing the Black & White Elegance Collection

By Kim McDougal / December 25, 2022
I am so super excited to announce our "Black & White Elegance" collection! If you hadn't read our introduction, click here! There's a total of 13 designs and they're all so beautiful, ready to wear to any formal occasion. These...

Customer Reviews

Maribel with her Puppy Dog wearing the Puppy Dog Paws Earrings ~ Kim's Earrings

Maribel H. Testimony

"Hanging with my big boy today. Love my earrings by Kim McDougal!"

Maribel H.
Entrepreneur / Mariworx
Square pattern- Avatar

Wyndam Hills Testimony

I got my earrings today and I really love them, Thank you Kim!

Wyndam H.
Square pattern- Avatar

Heather G. Testimony #2

I received my earrings and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Even nicer than I pictured. I am giving 3 as gifts and keeping a pair for myself. You do lovely work. Hope you sell lots and lots!

Heather G.
Square pattern- Avatar

Heather G. Testimony

Hey Kim - I love your earrings, so I am doing my holiday shopping early!

Heather G.
Linda H. Testimonial

Linda H. Testimony

Just got the earrings! They are beautiful. My daughter has a burgundy sweater she wears each Dec. 24th and these earrings will match them perfectly... She lives in Tacoma, Washington. Thanks again for designing the beautiful earrings. Kim, here’s a photo of my daughter wearing your creation. She likes them! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Linda H.
Claudia N. Testimony

Claudia N. #2 Testimony

Sharing my second pair of lightweight handcrafted earrings from my friend Kim McDougal. I love the natural two tone on these, wear them with anything! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Claudia N.
Handmade Faux Leather Wrap Around Earrings

Claudia N. #1 Testimony

I had purchased these earrings from a friend and a creative lady. They are so lightweight and they go with so many things. I love them ! I have another pair I will show off later but check out her website. Thanks Kim! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Claudia N.