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I love what I do as a handmade artisan! If you like what I make and want to show your support, I welcome your partnership! Your donations (one-time or regular support) will help me continue to run my small business. As you know, it's expensive to buy supplies and tools and sometimes difficult to even get. For my earrings business to run, I purchase supplies like: fabric (faux leather), jump rings, earring wires, shipping and packaging supplies, designer dies to die cut my faux leather, charms and more. Plus, there's monthly and yearly costs to run my online shop so you can see how your support would greatly help me out.

I've set this option as a way for anyone to support me especially if maybe you don't wear earrings but just want to support a small business owner. I've been self employed since 1999 and of course my handmade career has taken many turns over the years. There were even times I started over and chose a different business path until I found paper crafting which led me to fabric and making faux leather earrings.

I'm so appreciative for your partnership and I know I couldn't be where I am without the support of my wonderful community. Thank you so much! God bless you! ~ Kim

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